On November 25, 2014 in Przemysl there was held Fair of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) "Bet on RES and Start Saving" organized by Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Podkarpacki Renewable Energy Cluster and the European Agency for Innovation from Lviv (Ukraine) within the project "Faraday - building sustainable mechanisms for cross-border cooperation in the field of renewable energy." Project co-financed by the CBC Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013.

The RES Fair was attended by 31 exhibitors from Poland and Ukraine, who act in the field of renewable energy and support the development of renewable energy sources. The Fair was very popular not only among branch companies and institutions operating in the field of renewable energy, but also among school children and academic youth.

During the event, there was held a parallel conference entitled "Intelligent EcoHousing estate 2020 - A package for a low-carbon economy", which addressed issues related to environmental heat generation, management of its distribution, financing domestic wind power or investment into photovoltaic panels.

The aim of the organized RES Fair was to raise awareness of the wider use and development of renewable energy sources, as well as to popularize and increasingly promote renewable energy sources and increased cross-border areas.