FARADAY: Creating permanent mechanisms for transfrontier cooperation in the area of RES

Priority 2. Improved quality of life,

Action 2.1. Environmental protection in the borderland.

Total Project value:  EUR 322,249.43, including EUR 290,024.49 from EU funds.


- The Project is to be implemented between 1 Oct 2013 and 31 March 2015.


- Poland

- Ukraine

- Subregion of Krosno and Przemyśl

- Lviv Oblast



Improvement of the conditions for development and utilization of renewable energy sources within the area of 2 regions covered by the Project to contribute to the social and economic development of the Polish subregion of Krosno and Przemyśl and of the Lviv Oblast in Ukraine. By implementation of the joint initiative of the institutions supporting the development of renewable energy sources


1.    Develop entities to support entrepreneurs, the public administration, NGOs and higher education institutions in the utilization of renewable energy sources.
2.    Strengthen cooperation between entrepreneurs, the public administration, higher education institutions, NGOs and RES supporting institutions (clusters) of the 2 borderland regions. 
3.    Gain long-term contracts, essential knowledge, skills and awareness regarding broader use and development of renewable energy sources by entrepreneurs, the public administration, NGOs, higher education institutions and RES supporting institutions from the 2 border regions as well as development of transfrontier cooperation based on the analysis carried out in the 2 regions as part of the Project.
4.    Popularize and more actively promote the utilization and development of renewable energy sources as well as of access to information on RES in the 2 regions covered by the Project.
The specific Project objectives have a direct influence on the achievement of the objective pursued and result from the defined problems faced by the Project target groups. The Project objectives will contribute to the supporting entrepreneurs, the public administration, NGOs and higher education institutions from the 2 regions in their efforts to cooperate more closely with each other, improve the conditions for development of RES and to support the processes to create favourable conditions for development of RES. The support provided as part of the Project will instil in the beneficiaries conviction of reasonableness and appropriateness of the establishment of transfrontier cooperation.
The Project will also involve conferences, seminars, published studies, promotional material, a web portal, an analysis of the potential of RES, study visits and a fair. All that will lead to the building of a favourable climate for cooperation and the strengthening of cooperation between the target groups from the 3 regions covered by the Project.


- Support for the clusters of renewable energy sources;
- Analysis of the potential of renewable energy sources in the context of transfrontier PL-UA

- Seminars and conferences on renewable energy sources;
- Study visits aimed at the exchange of good practices;
- RES Fair; 
- Working out a Practical Guide to the Development of Renewable Energy Sources;
- Creation of a 3-language web portal with an e-learning platform

and a data base for the transfrontier cooperation in the area of RES;
- Establishment of RES consulting points.


Leading Partner: Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.;

Partner 1: Podkarpacka Ekoenergetyka;

Partner 2: Agency of European Innovations, Lviv


- Entrepreneurs;

- Public administration;

- Non-governmental organizations promoting renewable energy sources;
- RES promoting institutions
that have their registered offices in the Polish subregion of Krosno and Przemyśl or in the Lviv Oblast in Ukraine;

- Higher education institutions with registered offices in any of the relevant areas.


The RES clusters supported by the Project which themselves support companies, NGOs, local government, higher education institutions and other organizations that promote renewable energy sources in the areas covered by the Project as part of their activities.


Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.
Ul. Szopena 51, 35 – 959 Rzeszów
Phone: + 48 (017) 86 76 216, (017) 86 76 229
Fax: + 48 (017) 85 20 611