Promotion and information activities will be carried out by the Applicant and partners throughout the implementation of the Project. They will be intensified

at the beginning of the project ( to inform the public and potential participants in the project carried out in the framework of initiatives ) and at the end of the project (promotion achieved indicators) .

Information and promotion activities will be conducted by: announcements and press releases ( 20 pieces - promoting the project , its results and indicates specific actions such as seminars for participants) , posters (500 units) , pamphlets (4000 units) , message boards ( 6 pieces ) , promotional materials : notebooks, pens, pen-drive , and information provided orally, in writing and e-mail.
At the end of the project applicant and its partners will organize two conferences, information and promotion ( in Krosno - Przemysl district , Lviv region ) in which the results will be discussed and worked out their impact on the development of SMEs in the project.
All information and promotional materials will contain the required data and labeling program and will be available in the languages ​​of the partnership and English. The implementation of this action and the course will suit applicant .